Chapelgate Streetscape Model

When developers presented plans for a townhouse community on a site that sloped up steeply from the adjacent roads, there was concern about the proximity and height of the proposed retaining walls and privacy fences.  To provide an accurate representation of the views into the site from the road, a simple model was needed.

From the engineer’s drawings, a very simple rendering was made of the site plan.  Additional textures for the walls and fencing were provided by the engineer and the architect’s rendered elevations were applied to models of the buildings which, though very much simplified, were nonetheless accurate in terms of size, height, location and overall shape.  Trees  were then added to match the landscape drawings.

Once reviewed by the client, the plantings were adjusted to better address some areas of concern.  This project is an example of how a very quick model can easily illustrate potential problems and can help to immediately see the benefits of any potential changes to the design.