Fredrick Road Sight Lines Exhibit

Although ÆGS provides no architectural or engineering services directly, the graphic support in which the company specializes is augmented with the ability to provide technical support to architects and engineers.  For this project, a new solar installation was planned near the scenic Fredrick Road in western Howard County, MD and an exhibit was needed showing what the installation might look like from the road once completed.  In reviewing the topography with the engineer, it was noted that the terrain looked like it might very well block most, if not all, views into the site.  A visit to the site allowed this suspicion  to be confirmed and photographs were taken along the roadway and the locations of each noted on the plan.  Sections were then drawn from each of the photographed locations with iconography for the panels, treelines, and other existing structures.  In this way, a clear representation of the site being blocked by the existing terrain could be seen.

The engineer’s plan was then overlaid on an aerial image of the area and the section lines, sections, and photographs were combined into a comprehensive presentation.  By combining technical precision of the sections with the clarity of the graphics, the presentation has served to illustrate the design intent of the project on multiple occasions.