Greenspring Office Building Render

For this project, a PDF of the client’s CAD model was provided after having been generated with Revit.  Unsatisfied with the native software’s ability to match the look of the surrounding buildings’ reflective glass facades, the architect asked that a simple rendering be created in which the blue-green glass could be closely adjusted.

Precast facade panels and glazing mullions were rendered on their own layers with shadows added.  A sky background was then applied to the glass surfaces in panels which could be adjusted independently.  Once placement and perspective were found acceptable, the color and tone of the glass was adjusted to match photographs provided of the adjacent existing buildings.  At this point, foreground plantings, curbs, and parking lot features were added to match the plan provided by the architect.

After the addition of scale figures and vehicles, the glazing and shadows were adjusted again to give the most accurate look possible.  By using a more-traditional rendering method, as opposed to relying on modeling software for the final results, the presentation was completed quickly and at minimal cost while still achieving the results envisioned by the architect and owner.