Helping Up Women’s Center Edits

When a late change to the scope of work for the renovation of an existing downtown Baltimore building required two additional floors be added to the project, it did not leave enough time before the presentation to revise the model (by others) which had been produced for the occasion.  Necessity, in this case, led to innovation as the rendered view was revised using old-fashion perspective techniques and a lot of Photoshop magic to achieve the desired results in a fraction of the time.  In addition to adding the two needed floors to the image, the parking and pedestrian entrances were transposed to match plan changes.  A new sky background was also added in order to accommodate the enlarged building.

After the initial presentation, another round of edits was needed, this time to match the actual window mullion size and to revise the entry at the pedestrian entry.  The material of the upper floor terrace columns was also updated per the owner’s request.

While editing the model itself is usually preferable, the ability to make quick yet accurate edits to the already-rendered flat imagery allows ÆGS to provide a valuable service to its clients.  The edited image is now used as a ten-foot-tall marketing banner on the building and construction is expected to begin soon.