Cox Architecture Website

On founding ÆGS in 2016, it was determined that a simple website would be needed and, having more time than funds available in those days, I was able to learn enough about WordPress and basic hosting to set myself up a simple, single-page site.  Since then the site has continued to grow every few weeks and has developed into a fully-functioning small-business online storefront.  So, when a client asked about doing the same to update their ten-year-old website, it seemed a good opportunity to expand the firm’s services.

ÆGS Worked with the client’s available content to create the initial backgrounds, feature images, project gallery and other sections and then worked with the client, providing written documentation and online instruction so the client can adjust, edit and add to the site as new projects are completed.  The “Latest Project News” section is set up to allow for easy addition of new content which can be tagged and archived so as to be searchable by date or topic.

The Cox Architecture logo was updated to better fit the format provided by the website and several variants were crated to be used at different places on the site.  Custom header and button graphics were also created using the client’s signature colors and style.  Of course, being a website, the final product is available for review.  (Click below to link to the Cox Architecture website.)