An Incomplete and Ever-Expanding List of Some Services Provided

Photo Editing

Photographic and computer-generated elements can be smoothly combined into a single image or a photograph or renderings retouched to add those reflections or shadows to give just the right feel to the finished product. 


Rendered Site Plans

Site plans can be rendered from the civil engineering or landscape drawings and typically combine overhead imagery with rendered elements, blended and adjusted to emphasize those aspects most important to the particular project. Renderings can range from diagrammatic images suited to quickly convey key information to elaborately-drawn marketing plans, complete with landscaping and amenities.


Virtual Models

From simple massing exhibits to detailed construction sequencing animations, Models can often be the most clear and intuitive way to communicate both the complex details of a project and the context of those details to the rest of the project. Models are created with Trimble SketchUp Pro and are compatible with most CAD and BIM systems. Surfaces can be sampled from real-world materials, procedurally generated within the software or imported from the original PDF drawings with lineweights and hatching. 


Technical Renderings

From diagrammatic to photo-realistic, renderings can be produced from the clients CAD or PDF files in styles to meet most any taste. Resulting layered PDF files allow shadows, reflections and materials to be independently toggled. Materials can be matched to existing from photos or supplier catalogs.