Dedicated ‘Project Gallery’ Created

With an increasing number of Projects included on the website, it had become necessary to not display all of them on the site’s front page to avoid clutter, especially on mobile devices.  As trying to set a category of “newly added” as the default was found to have inconsistent results, a work-around was set-up which was found to be a better solution than the one planned.  A separate page was created hosting the full gallery with all categories and the typical default of ” all projects” shown.  On the front page, the gallery is set so only projects from the category of “newly added” are shown.  With the category headings turned off, only these are shown with no options to select others.  A button was then added below the “Recently-Added Projects”, linking to the full Project Gallery.





For now, three projects, (with links included above,) are included in the “Newly Added” category and thus appear on the site’s front page.  These are also the only Projects that have been filled-out with content beyond the Feature Image placeholder graphic.  Plans are to add a few more recently-completed Projects to the site before circling back to add content to these initial Projects.  Plans are also in the works to replace at least part of the front page’s header video with more recent projects.  But this takes time and is not of highest priority, so will likely be undertaken when time allows.