Dedicated ‘Services Provided’ Page

After a break from updating the website to complete some soon-to-be-posted Projects, there is some new progress with a dedicated ‘Services Provided’ page.  This space allows the description of each Service to be shown at length while displaying only the PNG icons on the site’s front page, which seems to be an advantage, especially when viewing on mobile devices.  Unique ID tags were assigned to each text widget within the single layout “row” to allow each ‘Service’ icon on the front page of the site to link directly to the part of the page with the referenced content.*

The new page features an improved wood grain background.  The previously-used background, having been reused from the company logo and business cards was of limited resolution, small sample size, and included native lighting, which had become limiting when applied to website design.  The new backgrounds were remade to resemble the official company logo wood grain but with a larger sample size.  Shadow and highlights are now applied as independently-manipulable layers and the resultant set of backgrounds are clearer and brighter.  A narrower version of the background was also made for the section of the front page with the Service Provided icons, providing some additional contrast to that area.

(*-Because the link is to the individual text widget, the desktop version is currently covering up the Service’s title with the semi-transparent site header when jumping to the new page.  Solutions to this are being investigated. )